Creative Services

I’m a producer/editor that specializes in broadcast, digital signage and presentation support material;

From motion graphics on 15 second TV commercials

to Electronic Press Kits, logo animation, outdoor

advertising and viral videos, if it needs to move on a shiny screen, I’ve done it.

Since 2001, I have produced over a thousand projects for clients in the entertainment and marketing industries;

Major record labels, film/TV studios, interactive agencies, as well as market research firms and indie game developers.

With this much experience, I'm comfortable working in a fast-paced environment under high-pressure deadlines.

In fact, I prefer it that way.

The media-scape is filled with clutter these days.

If you want to get through to consumers you must

look your best. My goal is to deliver eye-popping creative

work that will resonate with your target audience, elevating your message and cutting through all the noise.